Low Carb Life

 A Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) life-style of eating is truly that: Natural. 

It’s Only Natural

Once we get rid of all the processed and ulta processed foods along with grains and sugars, we are left with what we as humans were meant to eat-  Natural, and whole food.  The original farm to table. 

For the first time in three decades, I am at a normal weight. I went through the process of being coached in doing keto correctly and having a coach to help inspired me to not only lose the weight, (80 lbs) but to also learn more.  A new Low Carb Life.

To that end, I enrolled in three different programs including the prestigious Noakes Foundation, I now have 3 separate Keto/Low Carb High Fat certifications.
Now, with an affiliation to MJ-The Keto Coach, I help those that didn’t feel or want to go 100% keto, but knew that their current diet was not healthy and in fact could be harmful. And, to offer another solution- Low Carb High Fat, (LCHF).

Keto and LCHF differ enough that our joint practice each have their own website.