Net Carbs

When I view multiple posts on social media, nothing gets me more frustrated than the term “Net Carbs”.  The fallacy being pushed by product manufacturing is that: “To calculate the net carbs in processed foods, subtract the fiber and a portion of the sugar alcohols”.

The problem of this definition from is the term “processed foods”.  If you want to lose weight and get healthy, you should look for and primarily eat whole foods.  Processed products should be avoided.

I must admit when I initially started eating load carb- I believed in this.  This allowed me to have my “cake” and eat it too.  After awhile I noticed that although I was keeping my carb daily amount to less than 30g a day, the weight was not coming off.  My downfall was products from a company call Quest.  I especially enjoyed, (a lot) their chocolate chip cookies.  This tasted good, was a large cookie, and heck- it was only 4 Net carbs each!  I could have 3 of them a day, and still stay under my carb limit! 

But, I’ve come to find out that my human body doesn’t not know how to do the math.  This net carb math and value has no legal definition.  Looking at the REAL carbs, each cookie had 19g of carbs!  And I thought I’d also get more weight loss by using one of their bars- that too only had 4g of net carbs.  I later realized the real carb value was 23g!  A couple of cookies and one bar and for the day, I was over 60g of carbs.  In my research, I did come across this article from WEBmd

Going forward, having a quest cookie is a great choice for a cookie if that is what you’re looking for, but it’s important to log those 19g of carbs into your journal. Or better yet, make you own cookies.  That way you know what’s in it

Remember, A Low Carb Life- It’s Only Natural!

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